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Ultimate Plantar Fascia Treatment Package - Save $40+

Ultimate Plantar Fascia Treatment Package - Save $40+

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Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad (Size)
Correct Toes - Natural Orthotics/Toe Spacers (Size)
Myostorm Meteor Mini (Color)

The Ultimate Plantar Fascia Treatment Package contains everything you need to treat the root cause of heel pain and plantar fasciopathies, most especially plantar fasciosis (formerly plantar fasciitis):

  1. Fasciitis Fighter Research Backed Strengthening & Treatment Tool (Stretch/Strengthen to treat and wake up deteriorating tissue)
  2. Bridge Soles 3/4 Length Super Soft Insoles with Met Pad (Soothe and pull pressure off the area so healing and treatment interventions can occur)
  3. Correct Toes Natural Orthotics / Toe Spacers (Blood Flow, Realignment, Strengthening, and more...the most important piece of this package)
  4. Meteor Mini Heat & Research Backed Vibration Therapy Ball (Stimuulates blood flow and breaks up adhesions to prevent first step after rest/sleep pain and overload/fatigue pain)

Read more about how to address the root cause of plantar fasciosis and plantar fasciopathies here

Nearly all chronic plantar fascia pain is from deteriorating tissue due to lack of blood flow and overloaded, weak foot and arch muscles. These areas must be addressed to get to the root cause of the pain and pathology. Thus, an accurate and research based treatment plan will focus on:

  1. Offloading and relaxing the affected area (See Bridge Soles, Correct Toes, Meteor Mini below)
  2. Improving blood flow (See Correct Toes, Meteor Mini below)
  3. Restoring natural foot alignment & strengthening the whole area (See Fasciitis Fighter, Correct Toes below)

For this reason, our Ultimate Plantar Fascia Treatment Package includes:

  • Bridge Soles to offload and relax Plantar Fascia and comfort heel so healing and strengthening can then occur. 
  • Correct Toes to treat the root cause by improving blood flow, improving stability, and restoring, re-aligning, and strengthening the feet. These also serve as a shoe fitting device...any shoe that isn't comfortable while wearing Correct Toes is restricting blood flow and deforming the foot out of its natural position and shouldn't be worn. 
  • Fasciitis Fighter Original or Round 2 for research backed exercises & stretches proven to treat plantar fasciopathies.
  • Meteor Mini Research backed Heat & Vibration Therapy Ball to increase blood flow and reduce or eliminate first step after rest pain and to prevent re-injury. The Meteor also breaks up adhesions and helps to activate the surrounding musculature to aid in proper foot strengthening. 

Additionally, even if you're not a runner, small amounts of barefoot running have been shown in recent research to be effective for 95% of participants in heel and plantar fascia recovery. We recommend starting with 30 seconds and adding 30 seconds every few days and slowly building up to 20 minutes. Our experience is that when individuals can slowly build up to 20 minutes of barefoot running (preferably on grass), they no longer have plantar fascia problems. 

If you are a runner, consider adding on a FloatRun Harness to improve your biomechanics and pull pressure off the heel and plantar fascia area by landing more naturally. The FloatRun Harness can also make it exponentially easier to run with proper form during barefoot running treatment. 

Important: Leave a note at checkout if you would prefer the double length Fasciitis Fighter Round 2 or a specific color of Correct Toes, thanks!

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