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Neuroma & Forefoot Relief Kit

Neuroma & Forefoot Relief Kit

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Correct Toes - Natural Orthotics/Toe Spacers (Size)
Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad (Size)

This combo of Correct Toes to re-align, space, and strengthen---with the met pad powered Bridge Soles relax the whole foot and gently space the met heads is a powerful combination for most forefoot issues, including:

  • Neuroma's, including Morton's Neuroma
  • Metatarsalgia and other general forefoot pain
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Bunions & Tailor Bunions
  • Hammer Toes & Crossed Toes

These two products together provide both immediate relief, AND long-term healing by targeting the root cause of the issue. Because nearly all chronic foot conditions are caused by feet deforming to match the shape of the shoes they are worn in, we recommend pairing up with foot-shaped shoes, focusing on the shoes you spend the most time in. The Correct Toes can be a powerful shoe fitting device, simply put, if a shoe doesn't feel comfortable while wearing Correct Toes, it probably shouldn't be purchased or worn. 

And as powerful as these products are, they're two parts of a more comprehensive treatment plan.  


  • Bridge Soles 3/4 length insoles with Met Pad
  • Bridge Soles User Education for Forefoot Issues
  • Correct Toes Natural Orthotics / Active Toe Spacers
  • Tips & Tricks Sheet for Optimizing Correct Toes with Forefoot Issues

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