About P.R. GEAR

Based in Golden, Colorado, P.R. Gear is a continuation of the natural foot health and running form missions of our founder Golden Harper, who first created Altra Footwear in 2009. "I'm passionate about helping people with their foot health and running form to help them achieve injury free running or walking, and healthy living. Leaving Altra full-time in 2021 allowed me to focus more fully on these missions through the all-important education and products that are now P.R. Gear."

The FloatRun Harness, Bridge Soles, and Trail Gloves were all actually projects that were in incubation prior to Altra. These inventions have been prototyped and tested for nearly 20 years at local levels before finally being finished and commercialized as P.R. Gear products. 

Golden holds state, national, and world bests for running, and has set many mountain running titles and records across the western U.S., including dozens of speed descents down some of the biggest and most well-known mountains in America. Additionally, he regularly lectures at medical conferences across North America, educating sports podiatrists, sports Chiros, PT's, and other medical professionals on his innovative approaches to foot health and running injury prevention.

P.R. Gear is dedicated to providing the best education and products for both foot health and running. With over 30 years experience working in coaching, run/walk specialty retail, and the running footwear industries, we are dedicated to bringing our wealth of experience and solutions to athletes everywhere.

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