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Fasciitis Fighter

Fasciitis Fighter - Plantar Fascia Rehab Tool

Fasciitis Fighter - Plantar Fascia Rehab Tool

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Fasciitis Fighter is also offered at a discount within our Ultimate Plantar Fascia Treatment Package or Achilles Relief & Restore Bundle
Offered in the original portable size, or a large double length size (Round 2), the Fasciitis Fighter addresses the root cause of plantar fascia and Achilles issues by putting the foot in ideal position to perform the research backed Rathleff Protocol and other effective exercises for strengthening the foot and arch. Doing these exercises also increases blood flow (the other root cause component of PF pain). 

The Fasciitis Fighter is a research backed solution to Plantar Fasciosis (what used to be called plantar fasciitis), utilizing proven research to treat the root cause of Plantar fascia problems and pain. 

Research has overwhelmingly shown that there is no inflammation ("itis") for people suffering from "plantar fasciitis" for more than 7-10 days. Rather, research by Harvey Lemont and others going back 30 years has shown degrading tissue from lack of blood flow and weak supporting musculature...hence the accurate medical term of Plantar Fasciosis or another form of Plantar Fasciopathy.

P.R. Gear Founder's Note: "There's a good chance you'll be blown away by how much of a targeted load you get on your foot and posterior chain the first time you use the Fasciitis Fighter. While the name should now more accurately be the Fasciosis Fighter, this tool is an incredible foot and lower leg strengthening tool that works for so much more than the Plantar Fascia. These exercises target stability at mid-stance, which is when and where people are at most risk for injury. Nearly every runner and walker would be wise to use this tool for becoming a stronger, more dynamic athlete and for warding off injury." 

We recommend this product be used in conjunction with Correct Toes, which will further increase blood flow and foot/arch activation, including the rest of the day when you are not using the fasciitis fighter. 

Other recommended Plantar Fasciopathy Interventions (in order of cost to benefit ratio):

  • Bridge Soles to offload and relax Plantar Fascia and comfort heel so healing and strengthening can occur
  • Correct Toes to treat the root cause by improving blood flow, improving stability, and restoring, re-aligning, and strengthening the feet
  • Research Backed Heated Vibration Therapy to eliminate first step after rest pain and to prevent re-injury

Read more about how to address the root cause of plantar fasciosis and plantar fasciopathies here.

Fasciitis Fighter Details:

Are you ready to regain your foot health? Look no further! The Original Fasciitis Fighter is your trusted companion on the path to relief and strength.

 Key Features and Benefits: 

👣 High Load Strength Training: Say goodbye to heel pain with our High Load Strength Training Device. It's expertly designed to target and alleviate persistent discomfort, providing the relief you deserve.

📚 Evidence-Based Exercise: Rest easy knowing that your recovery is backed by scientific research. The device is built on proven the exercise techniques of the Rathleff Protocol so you can trust the process.

🌟 Trusted by the Pros: Join the ranks of teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB and many others, who rely on our solution. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and podiatrists worldwide recommend it for its efficacy and reliability.

🎨 Quality Design: We believe in combining function with comfort. Our unique EVA foam design is not only high-quality but also easy to use, ensuring that your workouts are enjoyable and effective.

🦶 Big Toe Mobility: We understand the significance of big toe mobility in improving foot function. That's why our device features a unique curve, allowing for effective big toe stretching to enhance your overall foot health. Correct Toes will greatly enhance big toe effectiveness. 

🏆 Experience Relief and Strength: The Original Fasciitis Fighter is your ticket to relief, improved load tolerance, and enhanced strength in your toes, feet, ankles, and calves.

Don't let heel and arch pain hold you back any longer. Embrace the solution trusted by professionals and athletes alike. Elevate your wellness journey with the Original Fasciitis Fighter—where pain relief and strength training unite for your benefit.

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